About Varsha

Varsha’s beauty salon and spa are here to inspire, create and transform you, by providing the best possible services, products, promotions and prices, to maximise customer loyalty, appreciation and customers’ needs.

Our passion is simple - We at varsha beauty salon strive to help every client to look and feel beautiful. We know that our clients expect satisfactory result in which we aim to deliver. Our beauty salon professionals continuously explore the latest trends and techniques to transform your look into a sensational one. 

Our aim is to provide that timeless beauty that is expertly crafted in transforming facials and treatments that make a difference, to help you look younger and rejuvenated.

We will provide you with the most effective treatment, skin care education and also recommendations for your home skin care regimen.

Our team at varsha beauty salon has an inclusive mindset which welcomes and embraces diversity. Our ultimate goal is to make every client feel safe, valued, and appreciated while also celebrating their individualism. Self-expression, is at its core, we at varsha beauty salon will help you express yourself at your best. 

We are located in the thriving North West London. Our service based salon provides a sophisticated expertly crafted hospitality service and our hosts aims are to bring you timeless beauty.

Varsha lives by her values, by prioritising her clients first, making sure you receive the satisfaction you need by treating other’s the way we would like to be treated.

Varsha believes in transmitting this, through respect, integrity, customer focus, having fun in the process, flourishing with every opportunity, being energised and most importantly making the client’s happy with the results.

So, come along, cannot wait to see you all!


68 West Street, Harrow, HA1 3ER
Contact Varsha on: 07931776802

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